Penny Burnett

[Artists notes]

[A note]
Questioning has always been my modus operandi, being curious about life, people, places, the way people think and behave. An artists statement is meant to shed light and give understanding on what it is the artist is trying to say... I have come to the conclusion that I don.t have answers nor do I want to make a statement as such. I would however like to say that, I am always on the lookout for good questions.

[My latest body of work]
Embedded in the work is a shift in focus away from the two dimensional art form, to a three dimensional relationship, a relationship of cause and effect. Through the sale of my art works, I have been able to install breeding chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs and even cows, into poverty striven families in Asia by including, in the purchase price of my work, the cost of purchasing a domestic animal through a reputable charity.

This small act is not about to turn around world poverty or change whole communities but it certainly has and will make a real difference to the recipient family. Importantly, it also shifts the focus of my work away from the actual product that hangs on the wall, to the action and living result of providing an animal to a family in need, living beyond our walls.

This process in turn raises other questions...questions I am hoping to explore with visits to impoverished communities next year.

Anthony Bennett, Artist
"Burnett makes no apology for her subject matter but delivers it playfully. Like all of us she is inclined to smack down the strutting cock, but the hammer is of a hand-knitted wool blended variety."

Dr. Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Curator, Hazlehurst Regional Gallery
"Burnett pushes familiar visual motifs to absurd limits and finds a bizarre common ground in the cute and the sinister."

Cash Brown, Artist & off the wall coordinator
"Burnett moved to Tasmania from NSW in 2004 and was immediately struck by the differences in local attitudes toward conservation and the environment from the mainland. From road kill carnage, strutting cocks and perplexed parrots to the strange but true adventures of Ku Klux Clan style knitted beanies, Burnett addresses highly emotive and politically sensitive issues with her intelligent yet wicked wit."

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